If You Weren’t Convinced Before – Mobile Health is Growing!

4 05 2011

Over and over again in this blog I have talked about the growth of mobile health. From the activity on Twitter, to the invention of new products, to physicians’ adaptation of smart phones; all have proved that mobile health is the newest trend and sure to be the future of the industry. Now MobileMarketingWatch has released a study that further backs up this claim. Not only does it show that the useage of smartphones amount physicians is soaring but also that healthcare professionals are turning to mobile devices to read the latest news in their industry. Between June 2010 and February 2011, mobile consumption of medical news climbed 45 percent. Three in ten healthcare professional now access the daily medical information contained in their briefings on mobile platforms.

With those numbers produced in the past year, combined with the predictions of smartphone usage growing among physicians in the second half of 2011, we can only expect the number of physicians using social media for their daily medical information to grow even more rapidly. As a person that strongly supports the adaption of social media in the healthcare industry these statistics give me so much hope. To see such extreme numbers in one year makes me think for the first time that maybe the healthcare industry is not as far behind the times as everyone thinks. Go #mhealth!




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