So How Much is Mobile Health Really Growing?

30 04 2011

I recently wrote a post about the growth of mobile health featuring GE’s newest product Vscan and the possibilities that opened up. Although it is very apparent that the use of smart phones is growing, how much is it really growing in the healthcare industry? Are doctors really adapting the use and are they willing to spend time on social media sites to give patients information?

Despite many people saying that this is a process that will take some time as the industry tries to figure out how to compensate physicians for the time they spend consulting online, mobihealthnews has different statistics. This week, the website that focuses on keeping track and reporting the healthcare sector’s adoption of mobile technology, has come out with a survey reporting that by the end of 2011 61 percent of physicians will be using iPhones, another 9 percent will use Android smart phones and 9 percent will use a Blackberry.

Only 39 percent of physicians owned an iPhone at the beginning of 2011, which shows tremendous growth. Although these statics do not show anything about the likelihood of doctors using their smartphones in their practice we can assume that as more physicians become comfortable with the new technology, the faster they will adapt to mobile health.




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