YouTube to Teaching Doctors Surgical Skills

25 04 2011

Well not yet, but are we headed in that direction? After hearing Dr. Kevin Pho talk at our “Harnessing Social Media in Healthcare Communications” event a couple weeks ago I have been checking his blog regularly. I just came across an extremely interesting article he had posted from Martin Young titled “Can doctors learn surgical skills on YouTube and Facebook.” Young, a self-taught musician often turns to the internet for lessons to learn the bass guitar when he began wondering if the same approach could be taken with surgery. After a search on YouTube and Google he concluded that there were no videos of that sort out there yet but should there be?

I think there should be for many of the same reasons as Young. Yes, you could never teach intuition or actual medical procedures through a video and if I was laying on a table I would not want my doctor to have graduated from the self-taught medical school of YouTube, but for techniques I feel there should definitely be videos. I am actually extremely surprised there are not already. Through this blog I have chronicled the importance of doctors sharing their knowledge with one another and how social media has helped them do it. I feel this is just another way for doctors to share their tips and watching a doctor do procedures, other physicians will be able to pick up things they never could in a text book. I hope this is something we see come out in the very near future.




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