20 04 2011

Just type “#mhealth” in the search bar on Twitter and you are sure to get pages full of results.


Mobile health is always a popular topic and is sure to continue to grow that way. The use of smartphones continues to grow each month and as more doctors start to adopt them into their lives there is more of a chance  to get them to communicate with patients through social media channels if they are easily accessible.


Mobile phone are not the only form of mobile health however. In the article

Medicine on the Move” by Stephanie Simon the Vscan (pictured to the right)
produced by GE Healthcare is introduced. This $8,000, pocket-size machine, can completely change the way any doctor takes a heartbeat. Dr. Topol, a San Diego cardiologist who is the chief academic officer for Scripps Health, now carries this around with him instead of his stethoscope saying “why would I listen to a ‘lub dub’ when I can see everything.”


Dr. Topol is extremely positive when it comes to talking about the Vscan, saying this device along with other new mobile health products can only improve patient treatment. They can simplify tests, monitor stats, verify that medications are being taken, and more importantly decrease face-to-face patient visits without decreasing patient care.


Looking at this device and hearing the positive reviews it gives me only a lot of hope for the future of medicine but it also makes me question why so many physicians are so hesitant to adapt these new technologies. It seems that although the initial investment may be significant, in the long run it will not only increase patient care but also decrease costs. Do you have any theories on why physicians would be so hesitant?





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