Tufts Medical Center; taking on a whole new kind of social media

11 04 2011

While driving to work the other day I heard a commercial for something I found very interesting, tuftsmedicalcenter.tv. I checked it out immediately upon returning home and was ecstatic to find another healthcare company using technology and social media channels to communicate with patients. Not only do they have different health channels so that patients can look directly into certain diseases but they also have live podcasts, a medical myth section, and a place for patients to request an appointment. You are able to subscribe to the videos through your myyahoo, google, or apple account.

TuftsMedicalCenter.tv makes it easy for patients to communicate with them by having links directly to their email. They also provide easy links to the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels which have 2,300 fans between them who are encouraged to post comments and receive feedback.

By providing these videos, patients are able to make less trips to the doctors to answer simple questions. Also by allowing the patients to communicate with doctors as they search for information over the internet there is less of a chance of them being misinformed and trying to self diagnose which is increasingly popular with sites such as WebMD that are simply throwing information at patients rather than opening a conversation.

By opening lines of communication I feel it will really lead to a healthier world. Patients will not see talking to their doctors as an intimidating experience if they are able to do it more often on an informal basis. HealthTV may just be the future. The possibilities that technology has opened up for us are unbelievable.




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