Mayo Clinic is #WINNING When it Comes to Social Media

8 04 2011

After being fired from his hit show Two and a Half Men last month Charlie Sheen reminded everyone of the power of social media when he set a new Guiness Book of World Records by attaining over a million followers in less than 24 hours after joining Twitter. A month later he has increased his following to over 3,500,000. We see the power in reaching that many people in just seconds but how can it be used in a productive manner? This is a question Sheen couldn’t answer despite his magical brain and instead looked for a social media intern. In true Charlie Sheen fashion he has set up the interview process as a contest with contestants tweeting, making videos and most recently in the third round answering the question “what is the best company using social media today and why?”

Surprisingly, the answer from one finalist, came from the healthcare industry as she answered with Mayo Clinic. As Lee Aase, director of the Center for Social Media at Mayo Clinic stated “healthcare has lagged behind other industries in social media use, so it’s nice to have Mayo Clinic mentioned among those doing it well.” Shannah Henderson, the #tigerbloodintern contestant from Minnesota, didn’t focus on the negatives in her two-minute video but instead talked of the user-friendly interface on the Mayo Clinic website, the links to YouTube videos, and the option to speak with a professional through a virtual chat. One of the most impressive features for Henderson is the ability to have a personal patient account where she can schedule appointments, refill subscriptions, and join in conversations with other users.  

I think this is a great example of a company that despite has not let the industry they are in hold them back from using social media to keep loyal customers. The Mayo Clinic has found ways to use social media to their advantage despite being in the healthcare industry that is notorious for being behind the times. This is definitely a company many others should look to.

 Do you know have another example of a great healthcare company using social media? Please share by posting in the comments below.




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