Ubiqi Health – Creating a Community of Migraine Sufferers

1 04 2011

As I mentioned in my earlier post, today was the “Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Healthcare Communications” event I have been working on all semester. At the end of the event there was a small networking event and a book signing by our Chairman, Larry Weber, who just released his latest book Everywhere. One person I got a chance to talk to was Jacqueline Thong, co-founder & CEO of Ubiqi Health. I was fascinated by her company and thought it definitely deserved a little more coverage. Ubiqi Health is an app for migraine sufferers that has been become a huge success since it launched last year.

Migraines are a serious problem for many Americans and are often dismissed by those who have never experienced the pain as a simple headache. And unlike other diseases such as diabetes there is not as much information out there about them or support groups for those who do have to deal with them to meet up and talk about treatments. This is why Throng thought the app was such a good idea. It allows users to track migraines, triggers and treatments. It also allows users to build a network of other migraine sufferers to share the pain and also treatment options and tricks they have used to help them through.

It is now available for the iPhone and Blackberrys and Throng says it will be available for all other smartphones soon. If you are an active Ubiqi Health user, or have used the app in the past please share your story! This seems like such a great idea and I can’t wait to see the company grow.




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