Social Media in Healthcare Communications Event – Boston, MA

6 03 2011

In less than a month, the PR firm I work for will be hosting a Healthcare Social Media event at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School. We have confirmed our three panelists: Dr. Kevin Pho from, Dr. Barry Chaiken from and Ashley Serotta from Sermo. All of three of our panelists have a great background in healthcare social media but now my job is to make sure the room is filled with others in the healthcare field eager to learn about the advances in social media and how it can change the face of healthcare.

There are still many who think social media is limited to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and similar platforms. What they don’t realize is that social media is any sort of communication, interaction or anything that facilitates it through electronic channels. A challenge for this event is not only getting people there that are interested but also those that are open to the idea that also might have potential to be clients.  This is my job for the next couple days, to build a list of all of the healthcare professionals in the Boston area that could be interested and also build the invitation to make this as an attractive of an event as possible and really make our panelists knowledge shine. Do you have anyone that you think would make a great guest at our event? Let me know by posting a comment!




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