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28 02 2011

Today, every industry is becoming increasingly aware of the major role social media plays in our daily lives. Most companies are trying to find ways to capitalize this new vehicle to attract new business, connect with current customers, and use it to enhance their products or organization. The healthcare industry is no exception. By studying marketing as well as health and industry at Bentley over the last four years, I have been able to see how these foci have begun to intertwine.

As part of the culminating experience for my liberal studies major I will be writing this blog. The focus will be on how healthcare marketing is developing new outreach through social media. I will analyze blogs that focus on healthcare. Additionally it might be useful to get interviews with some of the writers after following them for a little bit. Some of my posts will focus on the actual structure of the blog and good blog writing techniques such as how well they are engaging readers. Other posts will focus more on the content. I will look for stories in the news where different healthcare organizations are using social media such as the character Dr. Bailey from the television series “Grey’s Anatomy” tweeting during her surgeries during last week’s episode. I will also bring event planning into my blog since that is one of my favorite parts of my marketing internship, at Racepoint Group, and talk about my experience with planning a healthcare social media summit in Boston for potential clients. I will research other examples of specialty events and talk about why this is or isn’t an effective marketing strategy. If I am able to take part in the event, I will also blog a review about it and what I learned from some of the top healthcare social media gurus. The last topic I will be covering in my blog will be about my personal journey. It’ll focus on what I am currently learning, reading, and how different techniques that I have learned in classes have helped me.   

I’m always open for suggestions so feel free to leave comments with anything you would like to see on here.




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